Have small children? Nursery registration for small children and babies is quick and easy. We have three unique classes separating the rockers, wobblers, toddlers, Pre K3. Cleanliness and security are top priorities in this learning environment. Our nursery and pre-school registration begins 15 minutes prior to the service.

Nursery – Infants to age one. Our nursery workers will listen to your instructions when you drop your child off. Please let them know what snacks or drinks your child needs and at what times. Your child’s diaper will be changed if needed. Please bring a diaper bag supplied with all your child’s needs.

Wobblers – One to two years. This class is designed for babies just learning to walk and play with their friends! Please bring whatever snacks or drinks you would like your child to have for this time as well as a diaper bag supplied with all their needs.

Safety policy: For the safety of all the children, children are signed in by their parent or guardian prior to service and can only be picked up by the parent or guardian.